Raising the weary paw

January 4, 2007

The hidden paw is a constant delving into the stream of history. Within its fragile pages we will be teasing out of the media and the blogosphere those items and themes which reflect the central currents of the times in which we live. They’re confusing times, but there are many threads of thought that we can profitably gather.

The travails of labour in a globalized world, and the constant struggle to build a countervailing movement to moderate and, in time, reconstruct the global economy is one such thread. Another is the environmental odyssey upon which our pursuit of consumer delights, hitherto undreamed of levels of everyday comfort and, above all that, the naked pursuit of wealth, have propelled us. Still another is this wave of warfare and hard to categorise violence, which is conventionally labeled as “terrorism.” A fourth thread is the dance of popular culture, the dialectic waltzing of culture for profit and the human desire to find solidarity through self expression.

The Hidden Paw will not impose any rigid form of interpretation upon what we see and offer. What there will always be is an emphasis on human freedom, solidarity, beauty and openness, or put another way, on cosmipolitanism. There will be no truck to be had with intolerance, repression, exploitation or the fearful settling for mediocrity. This is not a time for the timorous, as if there ever has been one. Hence, the Hidden Paw will be carrying at least a standard in the information wars even if, as we are absolutely committed to be, we are a refuge for the peaceful, and gentle, and kind above all else.


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