Climate Campers launch press complaint against the Evening Standard

February 24, 2009

Climate Camp has launched a legal action against the Evening Standard following the paper’s publication of an article which promised anarchist inspired mayhem at the upcoming G20 Summit, to be held in early April.

The Campers have had long experience with the (low, low) Standard. As they note in a press release, “The authors of the article, Robert Mendick and Nigel Rosser, have had previous run-ins with the PCC and the Camp for Climate Action.”

“Mendicks article “Militants will hit Heathrow” (13 August 2007) , was
judged “materially misleading” by the PCC, and an article by Mr Mendick
and Mr Rosser, “Eco-protesters target school run mothers” (31 March 2008)
has been retracted by the Evening Standard.”

As Climate Camp’s Alex Harvey puts it, “The Evening Standard is engaging in a campaign of misinformation and fear against the Camp for Climate Action” and has been for some time now.

Despite the Prosser and Mendick citing an “environmentalist source” in their scare story, Climate Camp maintains that none of their activists were contacted for the story.

Still, as one “camper” commented over at Indymedia, while the Standar may be “scum,” the smear represents “better publicity then anything we’ve come up with so far.” But this only goes so far.

Maybe experienced climate campers and anarchists will be attracted by the controversy, or reminded that the protests are worth attending. More mainstream potential protesters – who might include mothers who fear anarchists disrupting their school run (as the Standard evoked last year) may not.

It is this conjunction – of radical energy and massive turnout, that the authorities fear.


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