Trumping the Airport Mafia in Aberdeen

March 3, 2009

Plane Stupid activists targeted Aberdeen Airport today. As reported on Indymedia, “Nine young protesters from the climate …have this morning shut down Aberdeen airport by setting up a golf course on the taxiway. They have surrounded themselves with fortified security fencing whilst another group are occupying the roof of the terminal building and have unfurled a banner reading, “Nae Trump Games with Climate Change.”

The latter slogan refers to the activities of a certain Donald Trump in the region – where he plans to build an enormous golfing holiday complex. Satirising Trump’s plans, the activists dressed up as the bouffant haired property magnate and declared “Plane Stupid Scotland Gold Open 2009” underway. Apparently, the runway at Aberdeen makes a capital putting green.

Yet the message was serious. As activist Jonny Agnew put it, “We have been failed by the generation of Donald Trump and Alex Salmond. Despite a catalogue of scientific reports warning them that they can’t keep on with aviation growth – even if that hinders their ability to jet in for a weekend of golf – they continue with disregard for all of us, who will end up dealing with the impacts of the climate crisis.”

The timing of the action was not coincidental. Aberdeen is slated for expansion, to accomodate international and domestic tourists.

As the Guardian reports, the effects of such actions are immediate, and significant. The paper’s Severin Carrell reports that “Four incoming flights – from Paris Charles de Gaulle, Bristol, East Midlands and Humberside – were cancelled before scheduled flights resumed shortly after 9am..Incoming flights from Wick, Durham Tees Valley and Newcastle were also delayed, while a flight to Sumburgh, in Shetland, was cancelled” while “The protest also disrupted routine North Sea oil industry helicopter flights from what is one of Europe’s busiest heliports.”

Media coverage overall is extremely impressive. The BBC has carried a video, and report, as did Sky News (and the aforementioned Guardian) while Reuters sent details of the protest over its international wires.


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