Fake Baby Saves Airport

March 4, 2009

Well, not exactly, but the Plane Stupid action at Aberdeen Airport that I mentioned a couple of days ago was scuppered by a strategically deployed fake baby.

As related on UK Indymedia (brace yourselves):

After almost six hours the Plane Stupid Scotland’s action at Aberdeen airport ended with the protesters voluntarily unlocking themselves from their blockade. The eleven people, including local residents that this morning breached the airport fence have now been arrested. The protesters were told by police to dismantle their peaceful protest because the taxiway they were secured to was needed by an emergency helicopter. A baby apparently required urgent treatment, and any other approach would cause delays. Obviously the safety of the public was of paramount concern to the activists and so they duly removed themselves.

Plane Stupid has subsequently spoken to both the Accident and Emergency unit of Aberdeen hospital, and its press department. They were unaware of any transfers requested by air this morning. Not only that, but spokesperson Lesley Middleton said:

“We have our own helipad which we use in emergencies. Of course you can’t anticipate what may happen, but in all my years of working here I can’t think of a time when we’ve used Aberdeen airport. The only circumstances I can imagine where we’d need to get access to the area would be if there was an accident at the airport.”

An inspired (sub?) editor at the Scotsman has leapt on the police statement to produce one of the more darkly amusing headlines of the year so far: “Green protest delays air ambulance for ill baby.”


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