FAO – The Food Crisis Never Went Away

April 28, 2009

From the UN Food and Agriculture Organization:

Cereal prices in developing countries remain generally very high – in some cases at record levels, FAO said. Worst affected are the urban poor and food-deficit farmers who are dependent on the market to access food. Moreover, the global economic recession is drying up remittances from family members working abroad that often sustain the food consumption levels of vulnerable households.

An analysis of domestic food prices for 58 developing countries shows that in around 80 percent of the cases food prices are higher than 12 months ago, and in around 40 percent higher than three months ago. In 17 percent of the cases, the latest price quotations are the highest on record.

A year ago we were talking about an epochal food crisis brought on by rising biofuel production and the general advance of China and India, along with financial speculation in commodities.

Now, little has changed – food is still extremely expensive for the world’s poor – we just aren’t talking about it.


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