Manhattan’s extraordinary Psy-Op

April 28, 2009

Gotta keep them restless proles on their toes y’know.

The U.S. Defense Department decided that it would be a good idea to fly Air Force One (the presidential 747 jet) close to the Manhattan skyline with an F-16 in attendance as part of a photo-op.

Apparently, Barack Obama is “furious” but reminding people of 9-11 in such a vivid manner well, reminds them of 9-11 in a vivid manner, reinforcing the Chosen One’s “AfPak” strategy of bombing Pakistani villages to shreds.

Or it could have been a little creative freelancing from the Pentagon’s advertising squad. Or a dissident sect of situationists at large in the bowels of the military industrial complex.

In reality, this is an extraordinary psychological operation, not an “FAA approved photo opportunity.”

It’s fascinating that members of the U.S. government chose to launch it, although who they were, and why they did so is unclear. It may be that Obama did not know. After all, the operation is hardly rebounding to his credit. But it does seem to benefit those who want to keep 9-11 and al-Qaeda fresh in the American consciousness.


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