Homelessness and Repressive Policing – It’s Just Not Cricket

May 7, 2009

A snippet from today’s news. Two 12-year old children are seeking a judicial review of police powers after being aggressively searched at the 2008 Climate Camp held at Kingsnorth power station on the Isle of Grain.

Officers searched the pair, referred to as E and T, on the grounds they had “reasonable suspicion” they might be carrying prohibited articles.

Stickers, environmental badges crayons, highlighter pens and a clown’s wig were all confiscated by officers, according to their mother.

Another snippet. Squatters with a group called Justice Not Crisis have occupied a building in Edgbaston, Birmingham, which is owned by Warwickshire County Cricket Club.

The 5 homeless activists who are occupying 318 Pershore Road have already resisted eviction by staging a rooftop protest. Apparently, police officers declined to follow them onto the roof, citing health and safety concern and leaving the problem in the hands of Warwickshire County Cricket Club.

The group can probably count on plenty of local support. A few weeks ago, the local MP, Lynne Jones, wrote a letter to Birmingham City Council demanding to know why some £20 million has been loaned to the Cricket Club to redevelop the ground.

Part of the alterations would be to Pershore Road, which would see new “housing, flats, hotels and offices.” Jones wants the money to be spent on council housing, a very reasonable request, while the Club;s plans have been regularly trounced at community planning meetings.


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