Somalian Pirates Educated at U.S. Colleges

May 12, 2009

More juicy information about our “pirate” friends from the Guardian’s Giles Tremlett:

“They made regular calls from the ship to London,” said Haldun Dincel, general manager of Turkey’s Yardimci shipping company, who negotiated the release of their ship. The calls were made on satellite phones the pirates brought with them.

..Dincel himself spoke several times a day to one of two pirate negotiators who had both lived in the US. “One said he had lived there for 10 years,” he said. “The other had graduated from a US college. The ship’s master also said they were educated people.”

Somehow though, Giles makes a sweeping (and baseless) claim that “the attack on the Turkish ship was a sign that the pirates have turned a regional phenomenon into a global criminal business that now reaches into the heart of London’s shipping community.”

Clever pirates indeed. He also reports the extraordinary claim that “Dincel said he suspected the pirates’ informers had also infiltrated the authorities who run the Suez canal.”

The possible role of British and American criminals is brushed aside, as is any consideration of deeper motives at work. But, as you can see from my previous post and others, there is enough evidence to make us just a little bit suspicious.

In other Somalian news, Mogadishu is being plunged back into chaos by shadowy “foreign fighters.”

The “president” of Somalia, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, is seen by rebels as a stooge of the U.S. and the Ethiopians, with whom he cut a deal to ascend to power last year.

Ahmed says that “We have an Islamic government, but misled Somalis kill innocent people. These guys work for foreign countries that do not want us to be a peaceful nation.”

But this is a continuation of resistance movements which arose in response to Ethiopia’s invasion of Somalia in 2006 and fighting in 2005 which was organized by the U.S. in order to remove the Union of Islamic Courts from power in Mogadishu.

Ahmed is seen as being dependent upon foreign troops, who are associated with mass murder and brutality. His “Transitional Government” carries no legitimacy outside the capital, and little within it.


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