This Reeks of Whitewash…

May 19, 2009

Check this out. Apparently, the intelligence services of Her Majesty’s Government failed to track the 7/7 bombers because they were under-reourced and understaffed.

The House of Commons’ Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) has reported, and what a slap-down for our guardians.

MPs said they “cannot criticise” decisions made by MI5 and police in the months before the atrocities.”

If you’ll pardon my language, this is complete claptrap. Alright, its bollocks.

The ISC has form. As the PA reports, “In a previous report published in 2006, the ISC revealed that bombers Shehzad Tanweer and Khan were known to MI5 but were not investigated.”

But we know that Mohamed Sidique Khan was tracked across the country by MI5 as part of the Crevice operation, which I have covered in some depth.

More to be said about this, no doubt.


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