A Russian U-Turn on Climate Change

May 28, 2009

Sorry about the absence. Been in Hay an’ stuff. Anyways, here’s some big climate change related news for today.

Russia’s government is hopping aboard the Copenhagen express, and is in the process of shedding years of official intransigence (and sometimes outright denial) on the matter of greenhouse gas emissions.

This will increase the pressure on China, the U.S. and others to step up in December when the nations of the world gather in Denmark to hash out a successor to the Kyoto Treaty.

As Mother Jones reports:

Yuri Trutnev, Russia’s minister for natural resources, emphasized the urgency of domestic and international action on climate change in a presentation to the Russian cabinet on 23 April.

In the text of his presentation, seen by Nature, he warns that climate change will lead to an increase in “almost every dangerous hydrometeorological phenomena”. Although Trutnev refers to possible benefits, such as extended agricultural growing seasons, he points out that climate-change-related damage caused by increased and more severe flooding, droughts and storms is already costing Russia up to 60 billion roubles (US$1.91 billion) per year.

“The absence of an economic adaptation system to climate change leads to [a] decrease of [Russian] Gross Domestic Product by 2–5%,” he says. “It is absolutely obvious that development of measures for adapting our country’s economy to climate changes must involve every Ministry and Department.”


One Response to “A Russian U-Turn on Climate Change”

  1. Daisym Says:

    The article says that Yuri Trutnev is pitching for adaptive solutions for warming.

    The title of this article and its lead-in paragraphs alluded to Russian acknowledgement that manmade CO2 emissions is causing harmful global warming.

    Adaptation, as a response to manmade global warming, does not require cap and trade schemes or developing alternative forms of energy.

    Contrary to this article hedline, I can’t see any “Russian U-turn On Climate Change”.

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