Caroline, No – Equality for Women Just Isn’t Brown’s Thing

June 8, 2009

I’m consistently rather amazed by how inept Gordon Brown is. Take his treatment of ex-Europe minister Caroline Flint, for example. Flint quit the government last week calling Brown’s selection of women ministers “a smokescreen” and “window dressing.”

“You’ve only got to look and see at where women are in the cabinet and where they aren’t, and they aren’t in positions of power, they aren’t running spending departments” Flint told the BBC.

Brown’s reaction? According to the Guardian, the Prime Minister “offered [Flint] the chance to attend every Cabinet meeting to stop her resigning.” In other words, she was roundly patronised. There was no promise that women would be considered for serious positions, just a chance to watch a collection of men make mistake after mistake.

So there’s a few tens of millions of voters well and truly alienated by a man who, presumably wants to at least challenge the Tories at the next election.


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