Honduras: The Most Hypocritical Coup Ever?

June 29, 2009

According to Turkana at the Daily Kos, the newly elevated Honduran president Roberto Michelletti (who has been thundering that “no-one has a right to threaten Honduras…least of all Hugo Chavez” etc..) is constitutionally disqualified from occupying his post. The constitution stipulates that the president must have been born in Honduras, but the would-be caudillo was sired in Italy.

Funny position to be in for someone who is supposedly defending the constitution from the depredations of a dictator.

Perhaps more importantly, Turkana also draws our attention to the fact that the mastermind behind Zelaya’s ouster – armed forces head General Romero Vasquez (a fine name for a villain that) – was trained at the School of the Americas.

Turkana expresses this well:

“In other words, this coup was carried out by a graduate of a sinister U.S.-backed terrorist training school, for the purpose of overthrowing a legally elected president, who has been replaced by a man who may be constitutionally forbidden from ever holding the office of president.”


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