And the unions are mobilizing…

June 30, 2009

From CNN:

Three major public-sector labor unions in Honduras plan to begin a general strike Tuesday in support of deposed President Jose Manuel Zelaya, who was ousted in a military-led coup, a union official told CNN.

It will be an indefinite strike,” said Oscar Garcia, vice president of the Honduran water workers union SANAA. “We don’t recognize this new government imposed by the oligarchy and we will mount our campaign of resistance until President Manuel Zelaya is restored to power.”

He estimated that 30,000 public-sector workers, as well as some private-sector workers and peasant farmers, could join the strike. Basic services such as water supply would not be disrupted, he added.

…”Protests were brutally repressed Monday and we have several companions injured and hospitalized. We will meet in our places of work Tuesday and we don’t rule out fresh mobilizations on the streets,” according to Garcia, who said striking workers would lay down their tools at 7 a.m. local time.

At the same time, the Congress of Honduras has met the coup with cheers, while as Heather Berkman of the Eurasia Group puts it, “according to mainstream Honduran media sources, Zelaya’s removal has the widespread support of the political and business elite and the military, and it appears doubtful that he will be able to return to power.”

Even the “Human Rights Commissioner,” Ramon Custodio has said that “We are returning to constitutional order…It was impossible to continue with such an authoritarian person” which gives you a sense of what Hilary Clinton was talking about when she used exactly the same term.


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