Resistance in Honduras

June 30, 2009

From the AP:

On Monday, thousands of protesters clashed with police and soldiers outside the national palace amid calls for the restoration of Zelaya to Honduras’ presidency.

…Protests outside the presidential palace grew from hundreds to thousands, and soldiers and police advanced behind riot shields, using tear gas to scatter the protesters. The demonstrators, many of them choking on the gas, hurled rocks and bottles as they retreated. At least 38 protesters were detained, said Sandra Ponce, a government human rights official.

Red Cross paramedic Cristian Vallejo said he had transported 10 protesters to hospitals, most of them with injuries from rubber bullets. Congresswoman Silvia Ayala said she counted 30 injured at a single Tegucigalpa hospital and an Associated Press photographer in another area close to the palace saw protesters carrying away five injured people.

…Officers armed with rifles briefly detained four journalists from the AP and three from Venezuela-based Telesur, arresting them at their hotel, loading them in a military vehicle and taking them to an immigration office, where two officials demanded to see their visas. The group was released a short time later.

Meanwhile, the Latin American left has lined up behind president Zelaya and is vowing to make sure that he is reinstated. As Hugo Chavez says:

“I’ll do everything possible to overthrow this gorilla government of Honduras. It must be overthrown…The rebellion in Honduras must be supported.”

From the LA Times:

Bertha Oliva, a prominent human-rights activist in Honduras, said her group had reports of 60 injuries treated at a hospital…”These people causing this violence are digging their own tomb,” Oliva said.


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