Another “Bossnapping” Incident in France..

July 25, 2009

From AFP;

Two senior executives of a bankrupt French freight shipping firm were held for 24 hours at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport by workers demanding new jobs or bigger pay-offs.

Abderahman el Aoufir and Andy Cowie, the chairman and managing director of Servisair Cargo, were seized at 4:00 pm (1400 GMT) Thursday and held in a first floor office in the freight zone at Roissy airport.

The pair were released at 4:00 pm Friday, and left the site with a group of workers for a meeting with a judicial administrator, representatives of their firm’s parent company the Derichebourg Group, and the French state.

…The chief executive of Servisair told AFP he had been treated well, although he said his staff’s demands were “excessive.”…”There has been no violence, no insults, and we are not being mistreated,” Aoufir said. “I understand the workers’ frustration.”

The firm employs 352 people in France, mainly in the two main airports outside Paris. Between 220 and 300 of the firm’s staff are facing redundancy, Aoufir said.

…The Servisair workers are demanding layoff payments of 30,000 euros for workers of 10 years service or less, and 2,000 euros for each additional year spent at the firm, Silva [of the Union Force Ouvriere] said…According to Silva, the firm’s planned offer would amount to some 1,400 euros per worker.


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