Taking Out the Trash in Windsor

July 25, 2009

After 101 days on strike, workers with the Canadian Union of Public Employees locals 82 and 543 have settled terms with the council in Windsor, Ontario. As one worker paraded before Windsor’s City Hall this week, it’s been “the mother of all strikes” which is barely hyperbole.

Rubbish accumulated in the town’s streets as workers stayed away, demanding that the council abandon planned real wage decreases and the removal of benefits.

As CUPE reports, “If [we] had given in to the Mayor last April, there would now be reduced real incomes, reduced benefits, worse job security, and the complete elimination of any program of Post Retirement Benefits for all future new hires at the city. Instead current city workers and their families are permanently protected with retiree benefits and at the same time, new hires will enjoy employer paid benefits to age 65 and then, after 65, a new Post Retirement Benefit program will be in place and administered by the city.”

So, a victory for the trash collectors of Windsor, and congratulations are in order. A similar action is ongoing in Toronto, which will now hope for a similar outcome.


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