The Nobel Lie

December 10, 2009

The BBC reports that “Obama defends war as he picks up Nobel Peace Prize.”

Verily we live in an age of irony.

Mr Obama was given the prize in October for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples”.

Afghan women, protesting today in downtown Kabul, appear to disagree:

The protest group, under the banner Social Assn. of Afghan Justice Seekers, said that “our people have gone into a nightmare of unbelieving” because of the disputed election and the fact that “the culture of impunity” still exists despite Karzai’s vow to eliminate it.

While the women took the lead in the protest, about 500 men followed them in support, an unusual display in Afghan culture of men allowing women to take a leadership role.

…Although it was not a major focus of the protest, the group was also critical of President Obama’s decision to send additional troops.

“The innocent and oppressed people will be the victims of American air and ground attacks,” said the group’s statement handed to Afghan and U.S. reporters.

Pakistani people aren’t too happy either, perhaps because Obama is allowing the CIA to escalate drone attacks on targets across the country.

As President Barack Obama conceded others ‘may be more deserving’ of the prize he won for international diplomacy, there was anger and bewilderment in northwest Pakistan where many blame the United States for a surge in violence.

‘He is the president of a country which has a history of bloodshed and rises to a quarrel. How was he selected for this prize?’ said 27-year-old [Jabir] Aftab.

2009 saw a massive increase in the frequency of drone attacks, and civilian deaths as a result of drone attacks, in the Afghan-Pakistan border region.

Some peace.

But, of course, the age of irony was not elected in November 2008. Most of us will be aware that Alfred Nobel, the originator of the bizarrely esteemed prize, invented dynamite and made millions out of the arms industry.

And Obama’s garlanding hardly compares to the elevation of Henry Kissinger in 1973 or Theodore Roosevelt in 1906, not to mention Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin in 1978.


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