Protests Being Repressed In Copenhagen

December 16, 2009

Following the wholesale pre-emptive arrest of protesters, Denmark’s finest are distinguishing themselves on the streets of Copenhagen.

Activists under the Reclaim Power banner have been marching on the climate conference venue,  seeking access to “expose the COP process as undemocratic, unjust and inadequate to deal with the scale of the problem” as they put it.

The idea today is to meeti up with those walking out of the conference venue to stage a People’s Asssembly, and then gain access.

Those attempting to do so appear to have been met with tear gas from police lines.

A Times reporter who was trapped with a group of around 2,000 protesters in a police tactic known as “kettling” said that officers were charging demonstrators and using pepper spray to break them up.

According to Indymedia DK correspondents:

Police have been repeatedly attacking the crowds with batton charges and pepper spray, as well as arresting protesters throughout the morning

Those attempting to meet up with the Peoples Assembly from within the conference have apparently been prevented from doing so, according to Twitter reports.

Meanwhile, two German reporters have been arrested while covering the protests:

The arrest took place on the fringes of a demonstration as the Danish police tried to dissolve it. In this situation the police tried to prevent a large number of journalists from reporting by shoving them. One of the arrested was also hit in her face whilst filming. Her footage was passed to a colleague shortly before the arrest. In the meantime the videoclip can be watched on the internet.

None of it looks terribly good for the powers that be.


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