News Burp

January 9, 2010

News today that might be of interest to progressive types..

Russia, Georgia resume flights after 2008 war (Xinhua): “A Georgian Airways charter flight that arrived in Moscow on Friday was the first direct flight between the two countries since their brief war in 2008, local media reported.

The Boeing 737 carrying 85 passengers took off from the Georgian capital of Tbilisi on Friday morning and landed at Domodedovo Airport in southern Moscow about one and a half hours later.”

Racial violence continues in Italy as four migrant workers wounded in shootings (the Guardian): “Two migrant workers from Africa were shot and two more beaten with iron bars last night as racial unrest continued to grip the town of Rosarno in the south of Italy, after a night of rioting and an earlier shooting in which a further two immigrants were wounded.

….The latest shooting took place at the same location as the earlier attack – an unoccupied factory on the outskirts of the town that also serves as sleeping quarters for workers from all over Africa. As in the previous attack, a drive-by shooting, the victims were hit and injured with pellets from an air rifle or pistol.

Following the first incident, more than 100 immigrants rampaged through the town on Thursday night, smashing car windows with steels bars, setting rubbish bins and cars on fire, and clashing with police in riot gear.”

California Gov plans deep cuts to programs, and fed help (San Francisco Chronicle): “Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled an $82.9 billion spending plan for California on Friday that relies on deep cuts in health and human services, prison spending and wages for state workers, and on billions in additional federal dollars that the state’s U.S. senators indicated are unlikely to be granted.

…The governor warned that cuts to state services will be even worse if the federal government refuses to give California $6.9 billion in additional funds he said the state is rightly owed…Without the extra federal dollars, the governor said he would completely eliminate the state’s welfare-to-work program, the health insurance program for low-income children, and the in-home health support program that keeps disabled and sick people in their homes instead of nursing homes.”


One Response to “News Burp”

  1. Watson Says:

    How do you define “progressive”? This appears to be a collection of news items about bad things happening. So perhaps a “progressive” person is just a bit of a worrier. It cheers me up as it happens because I see the world as needing a lot of fixing and this blog confirms me in this viewpoint. One is bound to wonder why there aren’t more street riots- California looks a fine candidate given the huge divide between rich and poor which looks set to get worse. Being America I guess raising a few taxes to help out the needy was never on the menu.

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