Save Fortis Green Allotments

January 22, 2010

Allotment holders in Muswell Hill, London are waging an impassioned struggle to defend the land that they cultivate – but do not own – from the plans of developers and they need our support. The land at Fortis Green allotments is slated to be turned into what the campaign group Save Fortis Green Allotments says will be “two blocks of flats, 18 houses and parking space for 50 cars.” The land, which was previously owned by Thames Water (and deemed surplus to requirements) had been promised by the firm to allotment holders, yet behind their backs the company appears to have signed it away to developers.

As the campaigning group relates, this is part of a longer term history of the erosion of London’s green spaces, while it is also vital for the local community. The allotments provide a much used green space, including a tiny copse which grew up on an abandoned bowling green, while packing more families into the area will overburden already over-subscribed local schools. Haringey and Fortis Green ward in particular have already met their 2016 housing targets or earmarked land to do so which does not include the allotments.

This seems like an obviously misguided and greedy piece of business which needs to be fought.

The Fortis Green struggle is part of a broader fight for green space in London. Cultivators of the Manor Garden allotments in Hackney Wick, fought for years against plans to destroy their lands and replace them with a temporary concourse to be used for a matter of weeks during the 2012 Olympics. This was their land before the bulldozers moved in:

This is it now:


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