Green Party Odds on In Brighton Pavilion?

April 12, 2010

You bet! Apparently, Betfair has the Greens as favourites in the Brighton Pavilion constituency and according to a company spokesperson, “if the betting is anything to go by the big three parties have it all to do.”

In some ways this is unsurprising. The Greens are offering Caroline Lucas as their candidate, who leads the party and is a remarkable performer when asked on Question Time and other mainstream media shows. Meanwhile, the Tory candidate, Charlotte Vere has taken to echoing calls for economic localization (at odds with the party’s national policy, as people will no doubt twig). Vere seems to offer no criticisms of Green Policy, beyond simply reading out specific policies and calling them unworkable, which will not have endeared her, while reports that “Labour’s approach is to ignore the Greens altogether.”

But Lucas and her team have been cannily working on an outsider image, playing on widespread hatred of establishment parties and speaking of a new era of politics, if the Greens can gain a foothold at Westminster (and even more so should electoral reform ensue). This looks like a winning combination.


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