Worst Apology of the Day….

August 3, 2010

Step forwards, Neil Rockliffe, Tory councillor in Chafford Hundred.

After writing on his Facebook page (oh why, why are such people so narcissistically devoted to digitally forcing their fists into their mouths?) that he had been “Thinking that the scriptwriters of Eastenders must live on Chafford Hundred…has all the ingredients…murderers, rapists, concerned ethnic minorities, gay men etc, etc….” and calling the area “Chaffrica” the good councillor has been on the retreat. Pathetically.

Is this not the worst attempt to evade apologising for a) suggesting that the people he represents are somehow deviant, generally criminal and unsavoury and b) linking said qualities to the continent of Africa in a hardly coded bit of cyber-racism?

“Speaking to BBC News, Mr Rockliffe insisted that the reference to “Chaffrica” was a comment about his garden, and how overgrown it is.

“He added: “The comment had been blown out of all proportion and taken out of context. It wasn’t a public comment and I’m not a career politician.”

Asked to respond to his references to “murderers, rapists, concerned ethnic minorities (and) gay men,” the councillor said: “If you look at the date of the Eastenders comment on Facebook and the episode that went out that night, they were issues in part of that programme.”



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