Chris Huhne’s Remarkable Switch

October 18, 2010

As Liberal Democrat spokesperson for the environment back in 2007, the Climate and Energy Secretary Chris Huhne had this to say about nuclear power:

“An 80% target can be met through wind, wave and tidal power together with the use of carbon capture and storage technology. Ministers must stop the side-show of new nuclear power stations now. Nuclear is a tried, tested and failed technology and the Government must stop putting time, effort and subsidies into reviving this outdated industry.

“The nuclear industry’s key skill over the past half-century has not been generating electricity, but extracting lashings of taxpayers’ money.”

Oh dear.

Now, Huhne has seen the light on nuclear power, chiding reporters that:

“I’m fed up with the stand-off between advocates of renewables and of nuclear which means we have neither. We urgently need investment in new and diverse energy sources to power the UK.”

These Lib Dems are wonderfully shameless, don’t you think?


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