Obama Backs Military Rule For Egypt

February 2, 2011

The Obama administration has decided that its best bet in Egypt lies with a transitional government (or so it will be described) headed by the country’s US trained and equipped military. What other conclusion can be drawn from this report?

After seeing clashes in Tahrir Square in which pro-Mubarak thugs brutally attacked the gathered pro-democracy crowd and the army allowed them to enter un-molested brandishin machetes and charging on camels, Obama and his men are framing the army as somehow impartial.

An “anonymous official” tells the LA Times that “I think our sense is that the military, on balance, is still serving as a buffer between both sides, and they likely still hold the key to a peaceful transition.” The same official expressed deep sympathy for the army, holding the line between pro and anti-Mubarak demonstrators.

But that is not all. Obama is also seeking to elevate the Egyptian military, calling on it in its supposedly un-partisan capacity to “have the government quickly implement reforms.”

Meanwhile, Michael Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has called his Egyptian counterpart, and “expressed his confidence in the Egyptian military’s ability to provide for their country’s security.”

The necessity for military rule is being sold on the basis of a coming anarchy, as pro- and anti-government forces lock horns. The military then step in to guarantee order.

However, this conveniently overlooks the overwhelming evidence that the “pro-Mubarak” camp is constituted of police thugs, soldiers and those who have been bribed by the state to wield a machete against their compatriots. It overlooks too, the fact that the “violence” has been meted out by the state, with hundreds killed. And the Battle of Tahrir Square began as so-called pro-Mubarak goons entered the square, with the tacit assent of the military.

It’s a neat plan. U.S. interests can be guarded by an interim military government. Mubarak can be removed, but democracy can be tamed. It has to be stopped.


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