Death to Qaddafi, Nuclear Weapons for the Saudis?

August 24, 2011

How can you square ongoing approval of the orgy of repression and crushed human dignity represented by the al-Saud family with the passion shown by western leaders for regime change in Libya?

Read this from AFP: US, Saudi Arabia to dicuss nuclear cooperation.

Nuclear cooperation!

“With the United States hoping to head off an arms race in response to Iran’s nuclear program, officials from President Barack Obama’s administration plan to head to Riyadh in the coming week for nuclear talks, the sources said…A congressional aide, who requested anonymity as the trip has not been publicly announced, said the visit would be a “preliminary” step to “discuss the possibility of moving forward on a nuclear cooperation agreement.”

And we are continually told that such a thing as humanitarianism exists at the highest levels of government. That foreign policy is made with regard to human dignity and freedom. Well, please dispense with such notions. They really do rather more harm than good.


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