This is the news

April 9, 2012

Social justice related stories for today:

2.6 million jobseekers face competition for 234,000 full-time vacancies from people in temporary or part-time work (Guardian)

Asylum seekers get half of what a comparable British family would receive in income support (Guardian)

Only half the vacancies advertised in UK jobcentres [guarantee] enough hours to allow jobseekers to qualify for the government’s new in-work benefits regime [Guardian]

NUT and NASUWT state intention to continue campaign against government changes to public sector pensions [Guardian]

The cost of owning and running a home in the Westcountry has reached its highest level in four years – putting household budgets under increasing strain. [This is Cornwall]

  • Bob Drabwell, chairman of Cornwall Senior Citizens Forum, said many costs were on a “runaway train”…”Energy bills are almost out of control,” he said yesterday. “The weather hasn’t been too bad but if it suddenly got worse we would back to the old question of do you heat or do you eat because you can’t afford to do both…”People are not cutting back on luxuries, they are cutting back on essentials. Prices are on a runaway train and we can’t stop it. The whole thing is out of control.”

Right-wing “think tank” calls for fewer bank holidays, and higher working hours for UK workers [BBC]

Unemployment to rise by 100,000 over summer IPPR warns [Telegraph]

NUT votes against OFSTED inspections regime and introduction of “phonics” tests for 5 year olds [Independent]

Ofgem to be given new powers to force energy companies to compensate customers who have been mis-sold services or overcharged. [Independent]


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