No To Russian Bombs: Putin Get Out Of Syria

October 1, 2015

The campaign group Syria Solidarity UK has called a demonstration against the Russian bombings in Syria to be held on Saturday 3rd October, outside the Russian Embassy in London, 6-7 Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8 4QP.

putin syriaSSU state that:

“Syria’s air force has been using Russian-supplied aircraft to kill civilians for years. Today the Russian air force killed Syrian civilians, bombing opposition-held areas. Putin’s government claims to be fighting ISIS, but these are not ISIS-held areas. This is instead a ruthless campaign to keep Putin’s client Assad in power.

Supported with Russian arms and money, the Assad regime has been to date the biggest killer in Syria, killing seven times as many civilians as ISIS this year. Putin has long been complicit in this slaughter; today there can no longer be any pretence otherwise.

While Assad has been helped by Putin, those nations supposedly standing with the Syrian people in their struggle for freedom have failed to match words with actions; have failed to enforce UN Security Council resolutions; have failed to protect civilians.

Demand an end to Assad’s and Putin’s slaughter.

Stand with Syrians fighting the tyranny of Assad, the terror of ISIS, and the imperialism of Putin.

Protect civilians.”


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