Russia’s Murderous Aerial Campaign Continues

October 1, 2015

Once again, Russian jets have bombarded targets in Syria, as Putin’s pro-Assad intervention intensifies, and civilians suffer.

According to the BBC, “The [Russian] defence ministry said its jets had destroyed an IS ammunition depot and control centres.”

However, “The latest attacks reportedly hit sites in the north-west held by the Army of Conquest rebel alliance, as well as areas in Homs and Hama provinces.” Not IS strongholds by any means. The Army of Conquest includes jihadists, to be sure – from groups like Al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham – but it is not affiliated to the Islamic State.

Other sources suggest that a mosque in Jisr Al Shughur was “flattened” by today’s Russian bombs.

The attacks against the Army of Conquest, which includes moderate Islamist groups, is purely motivated by strategic considerations. The group has been advancing against government positions in recent weeks, and Putin wants to roll it back.

Naturally, when air strikes are flattening mosques and killing civilians, this will have the effect of bolstering anti-government sentiment in rebel held areas. There are currently no reports concerning civilian casualties from today’s bombings, but there will be.

Yesterday’s bombings in Telbiseh have provoked an angry response from local Turkmen people, who are more closely linked to the Free Syrian Army than any Islamist groups.

A statement from the Syrian Turkmen Assembly, which is based in Turkey, said that 40 Turkmen civilians had died and “strongly condemn[ed] Russia, which was not satisfied with its unlimited support of the murderous regime and now rains down bombs on the Syrian people, promising ‘democracy’”.

There have been immediate charges that accounts of civilian casualties are manufactured propaganda. However, given the past history of aerial warfare, it is obscene to make such an assumption while innocent people are killed.

Russian bombs are no better than suicide bombs or bombs from American drones, and they are no more likely to create a workable peace in Syria.


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