In Late October 2008, I travelled to America, with Guerrilla News Network. In Columbus, Ohio, I hooked up with film-maker John Ennis and we headed to various cities in the state, helping to set up an activist campaogn called Video the Vote, which seeks to mobilize videographers to gather evidence about the (mal)functioning of American democracy.

It was a fascinating experience. People tell me it was a historic time to be there. At the time, my impressions were not mediated by television. I read relatively few newspapers. Hence, I guess I missed out on a lot of the bombast and glitz which accompanied the elections.

Americans seemed desperate for a change, and relieved to be creating one. They did not seem exhilarated by the ideas of Obama, and certainly not by John McCain, nor did they seem uber-patriotic. I saw them as a people seeking better things. I hope they found them.

Anyhow, these are my postings in chronological order:

Ohio-hio It’s Off To Work We Go – filed 29 October 2008 from Columbus, Ohio.

Wheels Falling Off In Chillicothe – filed 29 October 2008 from Chillicothe, Ohio.

It’s Not My Party and I’ll Film If I Want To – filed 30 October 2008 from Columbus, Ohio.

Cincinnati Dreads – Filed 31October from Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Tightening, or Red Dawn II – Filed 31 October from Columbis, Ohio.

Defame the Vote? – Filed 31 October from Columbus, Ohio.

Terminating the Campaign Trail– Filed 1 November from Columbus, Ohio.

Youngs-town at Heart – Filed 1 November from Youngstown, Ohio.

In the Shadow of the Chosen One – Filed 2 November from Columbus, Ohio.

Calm-ahoga? – Filed 4 November from Cleveland, Ohio.


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